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Études de cas de référence

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A Global Construction Company

The machine run off tests showed that the remanufactured machine was capable of providing the part accuracies and finishes required for pocket facing applications while enhancing safety and productivity.

A Leading Aero-structure Manufacturer

Structure manufacturer Konecranes MTS diagnosed and fixed a long-standing problem, reducing processing time by 60% and saving $300k per year

A Leading Mining Manufacturer

Operator training improves safety, prevents equipment damage at a gypsum quarry.

A Leading Steel Manufacturer

The operator could now trust that the machine would consistently perform the work required. The steel mill experienced a remarkable difference in the dependablity of the machine.

A Midwest Diesel Engine Manufacturer

By collaborating with Konecranes and sharing expertise, the annual cost per unit has decreased 50% from 2005-2009 with no additional downtime.

A Mining Equipment Manufacturer

The Giddings and Lewis HBM modernization decreased down time while increasing throughput and efficiency. Maintenance costs were greatly reduced.

A Mining Machinery Company

After Konecranes MTS optimized the Cincinnati Gilbert HBM, it performed at the highest level of accuracy ever achieved in its lifetime.

A Southern Manufacturing Company

Since Konecranes began conducting preventive and planned maintenance two years ago, equipment breakdowns at the facility have decreased by over 60%.

A Weld Tool Center

Konecranes Circle of Compliance in place, satisfied customer purchased eight more cranes.

A. Reponen Ltd.

Ace Container Terminal

Konecranes sells its first lift trucks in Sri Lanka.

Alaskan Copper & Brass

“We are truly satisfied with every aspect of service we’ve received from Konecranes. Companies like yours make companies like ours better and stronger, not to mention making my job a lot easier.”

Alperton Ltd

Alperton Ltd are a sales company who support customers in the Automotive, Material Handling, Alperton (UK) Ltd has a longstanding relationship with Konecranes UK which spans approximately 10 years.

AM Castle Metals Customer Story

An Integrated Aluminum Facility

The amount of downtime and unplanned repairs has decreased significantly at the plant. The integrated aluminum facility now saves over $45,000 USD annually in inspection and preventive maintenance costs compared to prior years.

An Underground Mining Equipment Manufacturer

The underground mining equipment manufacturer has scheduled Konecranes MTS for several modernization projects since that emergency repair.

ATA Gears

Automated Container Handling References

Konecranes automated container handling references 2015 August

Big in Brazil

Port Cranes - Shipyard Cranes Estaleiro Atlântico Sul shipyard, Brazil - Big in Brazil

BILK Kombiterminal Co. PLC

The most relevant factors that led to receiving the order were Konecranes’ technical know-how, extensive maintenance network in Hungary and previous deliveries of similar container cranes.

Bluescope Steel Limited

"Throughout the project, Konecranes had a very professional approach, I am truly happy about the product, service and expertise provided. The crane is so smart. It is beyond our dreams.”

Brithinee Electric

“The new building delivered a WOW factor, and the cranes are a key ingredient of that.”

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

“These cranes will provide us with all that we need for many years.”

Case for ARTG

Drydocks World

A Goliath Grantry Crane, with a lifting capacity of 300 tons, was installed in the Drydocks World yard.